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The Best



Time to get your hands into the soil again. Pick your vegetable

and tomato seedlings and start dreaming of the luscious produce

you will be able to harvest


Do get in touch with questions, comments, recipes or ideas.

Check out my recipe page to get ready for all those lovely tomatoes and herbs that you will have this summer.

This year I am encouraging my customers to pre-order their tomato and vegetable seedlings. I am almost finished building my home and will only start my greenhouse in a month or two so growing space is at a premium. I want to focus on quality and not quantity.

Thank you!


View what seedlings I have available in 2024 on my seedling catalogue page and get ahead of the game and order  using my pre-order form page.


I will be open for

in-person pick up during and after the long weekend.

Want seedlings earlier?

Preorder and collect.

Pick up from

Hellyer Organics.

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Look through my Growing Tips to get the best advice for planting happy, healthy and fruitful tomato plants.


Tips for bugs and diseases too!

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Look through our recipe section for ideas and advice. Send me your family favourites and I'll put them on my site!

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